Gone are the days when plastic surgery used to be for the rich and famous. Nowadays, almost everyone who wants to do it can do it. Plastic surgery is the process of altering one’s physical appearance. It is mostly done for reconstructive purposes of aesthetic purposes. People do plastic surgeries for various reasons. Below are some of the factors that can make you have a plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery



Some accidents occur leaving one to have big ugly scars after they heal. Accidents may occur in different forms; it could be due to a car wreck which may leave one with injuries which leave big scars or it could as well be an experiment gone wrong which could explode in your face leaving you with sad reality. Under such circumstances, one may need both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Birth defects

Some people are born with defects. An example of such a defect is like the cleft lip, very big birthmarks, and skeletal deformities. All these can make one have low self-esteem hence the need for correction. A series of plastic surgeries can be done at different stages so that one’s appearance is improved in the process.


The common illness that makes people undergo plastic surgery is cancer. Cancer has become a killer and to those who survive it may need something to make them forget their experience. For instance, breast cancer may subject one to undergo a mastectomy. This leaves them with one breast. As a woman, it will not be easy dealing with that. One will need to have another one so that they have a good posture. It also goes a long way in helping them to ease the psychological trauma they may have undergone.

Weight loss

It is healthy to maintain a good weight. Some people who are overweight undertake to lose weight. The end result leaves them having excess skin to deal with. You can lose weight but you cannot lose your skin. One may opt to go for plastic surgery in a bid to get rid of the excess skin. It helps them to have a better appearance than if they still had the extra skin.

Self-esteem and self-image

,.z,x,z,z,z,kjkjsjjkaSome people are harsh to condemn those who undergo plastic surgery to improve their appearances. If one does not like something about themselves, then it does not harm them if they choose to change it. It is for their own good after all.

From the above, it would be unfair to judge those who undergo plastic surgery. There are varied reasons which influence them to take such steps. However, one should be careful when choosing a doctor to carry out the procedure. You might want to deal with a professional plastic surgeon to eliminate the errors that an inexperienced one may cause. Care should also be taken after the surgery so that one’s scar does not become infected.…