Cannabis Products

Today, more and more people demand decriminalization of marijuana. In the 60’s the herbs were strongly associated with hippie lifestyle and the anti-war movement. The slogan, “Make Love, not War,” is often followed by the six clovers symbol. And back then, governments were strongly against the idea. They put pots under the same category of other narcotic drugs.

Sleeping and relaxHowever, scientists did not succumb to the oppression. In fact, even opioid was once used to treat war victims in hospitals. The anesthetic property of opium was without equal in that era. And the circumstantial benefits of that time outweighed the addiction risk. In marijuana case, medics just did not have the chance to research it well.

Today, we have come to a peaceful era. Research in drugs is not for the warmongering purpose, but for people’s welfare. And marijuana has turned out to be very beneficial to our health.

The Rise of The Pot Hype

Smoking PotsMedical pots were already known to treat Glaucoma. And people began to fabricate their health condition just to get on the medication. But what the pots actually do is just to repress the symptoms without curing it, yet people mistake it as the otherwise. In Glaucoma case, Dr. David Belyea, a director of Glaucoma Services at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, has conducted a survey that results in the conclusion of eye drop medication being more effective in treating Glaucoma than pots.

Marijuana has a very strong sedative effect. But the plants do not damage neural system as much as heroines and cocaines do. Even further, marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol and tobaccos. The law then became lenient on pots use, and people began to do indie experiments and draw a hasty conclusion. The sedative effect of marijuana is mistaken as a curing ability for diseases. Marijuana is perceived by the public as a panacea for Cancers, Parkinson, and even Autism.

THC, CBD, and Terpenes

Marijuana is psychotropic because of its THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. Modern chemistry has allowed the THC to be separated and leave only the CBD (Cannabidiol). Both THC and CBD are available in oil forms, but each might lack the unique and rich aroma of cannabis. As a solution, you can try using Terpene. Terpene takes the liquid form and is commonly used as aromatherapy for relaxation and meditation.

All THC, CBD, and Terpene can improve our health. But too much of THC requires a consultation with a medical expert. Also, it would not be advisable to use cannabis THC and CBD for weight loss, as they are notorious for increasing appetite. But for the Terpene, the relaxing effect might reduce your agitation when the hunger strikes. It gives the exact opposite impacts of the other two products.

Always Keeping It Moderate

Ways to Enjoy HempsNever be a heavy user. Cannabis effects vary from one person to another. A medium dosage to one person might be a heavy dosage to others. Follow your own patterns, and do not be psychologically addicted to it.

Also, marijuana has been proven to halt the brain growth in juveniles. For adults, a long-term of heavy dosage impairs the brain function. Therefore, just like other recreational drug use, moderation is the key to the ultimate enjoyment.…